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Fishing last 48 the Update: Northeaster & Cristobal

Ok: First things first! I have fished the last 48 and here is the details as I know it as of 30min ago between all boats fishing.

Sunday: We and one open boat were the only ones out. We peeled them!

P1010380 P1010381


Yep, windy, windy, backside moving we limited out with our regulars on blues with just one or two spanish thrown in.  We held our breath as between current and wind we were wondering if it was a go or not but with only one day for them to go, that was it!

Today: Back at it. Those on the troll caught just a few spanish overall, and a few blues. Others were bottom fishing with light tackle. This is the normal bottom fare backside with calico, one or two trout, mullet, and when I left a few boats had hit three or four blues. The wind is due to be the same tomorrow but know that there is no rain in the forecast.


Ocean & Cristobal

:the Ocean? lol a No go for a bit. Few days for sure so check back or call before you think you “have it figured out.” ocean wise.

No gulfstream boats untied and with Cristobal forecasted to be way off of here – a low Cat 1, you will see more wave action this week. Check the weather Channel for the track and you will see it.

Nearshore will remain on the backside for the remainder until things really calm down outside.

The Next Reports to be Posted: are from last week. Do not get confused! I have an entire week to catch up on and there are more than 30 fotos so this will be done in more than one report obviously! These were all ocean reports prior to the bad front and approaching of Cristobal.

Thank you to all who have fished us

Vivian McPherson