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Fishing Report2

I mean that…sincerely! lol. If you are here now you are being treated to some small swell to surf, great temps at the beaches, and plenty of sunshine!

By next week everyone will be ready for surf casting, boat casting, or just plain Macy’s and turkey! Here is the skinny:

What is going to change is the weather. A freight train is due end of weekend and this will be a blow out beginning of the week.

I already have some folks on hold and we will just have to see if the second low pressure that is behind this front (delay for airports in the Southwest are already being talked about) will amount to another round tied to the docks on top of that.

As we try to get back out there, we will post it but until then, stay tuned and catch us here or on Facebook!

Thanks to those crossing their fingers.

Viv McPherson

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