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Fishing Report1

I know….snow, if your North…Rain and hey Miami hit 33F! Everyone has had a run of it this year. My friends in Cali say it has been one blaze after another from the Parks to Simi and friends in Brasil say they are beach bound because it is way too hot.

Rumor has it: As Adele says its just a rumor but as I stated on our facebook site supposed tunas along the stream moving south and rockfish in the same district…and that is a “no” …no no….we are getting ready for the season so if you have a boat best to go back, check the active fishing blogs and take the responsibility upon your shoulders.

You know the rules, the regs, and those be your shoulders men! lol and If I have not personally caught it, seen it, been told personally by someone I KNOW, I will post it as a rumor. period.

Meantime, big blues also working down in the deep and they are lunkers. Trawlers put em up the other day. The guys in the hold were not happy having them thrown down to pack snapping all the way.

I am hearing from my summer crew (awesome) and note the following; Grab your trip photos now from the archive as I will be cleaning it out for the new year! Everything else will remain in facebook Thanks!

Nature photos may be copied for personal pc use and remain the property of yours truly .

I hope everyone stays on the great track we were on last year for health, prosperity, and just plain normalcy.

As I see it , I will post it.
Welcome 2014-you can reach us at
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Viv McPherson

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