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Go Fly A Kite & Then Some!

We were tourists today, briefly, catching the wave show at the pier.

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My friends,  it was really beautiful from the camera’s eye and I imagine there were many a telephoto out there as well.

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Will & I watched a kite boarder (professional I stress) who brought his crew to the beach for some storm shots while he took to the waves. The ocean did pop him but not before he was air borne, flying through the white, and harnessing the wind.

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I shot a quick video and I could watch it all day from the safety of shore or ” steel pier” views.  Maria is due to exit and as I just told someone on the phone; in between when the weather is solid and water conditions good we have produced. It is all about it calming down so we can go see what is in the sea & sound.

I intend to continue booking and as we get back and see what is what we will let you know! Thank you to those who were with us, those on the way, and here is to the winds dying out!


V McPherson

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