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Gone With the Wind-It’s not just a movie…

I can remember sitting through that flick with my sisters. At the time I was young and all I could think of was “man, how long is this?” Later of course to appreciate it for what it was.


We have been untying regardless of the winds. Beach weather is perfect with stellar temps, nice ocean breezes, and few lines anywhere!


The NE winds have put boats on the shoals and backside for the last few days. We have seen great catches of blues still milling around. ¬†The next push South hasn’t happened yet and with temps still good what we are catching is eating right now.


Spanish in limits made a brief appearance Tuesday before the breeze up and that bit lasted just hours as they zipped their lips and hit the move again days following.

P1010405 P1010425

Albacores the last 72 made only a one shot pop during calm seas before the chop took us out of play on that fish. The last one I saw personally was literally in the channel (truly lost!) We still had the same class of fish but until the seas lay out again where we can really get out along the coastline, consider that the latest!

P1010424 P1010426

We are open tomorrow and all you have to do is call us right at home!  Where is the bite now? Blues were on tap today (thank you to my WV crowd and the food they provided! It was great!) and there are others fishing the bottom for Fall fare such as mullet, trout, spot etc. If you have questions you can reach us anytime at the boat cell 252 423 0039. Thanks to those coming in!

The McPhersons