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Gonzalo, Good Fishing, Good Bye!

The only reason none of us are running for cover is the fact a coldfront again saved us from dealing with a Cat 3 hurricane (Gonzalo) passing by Bermuda. Seas were building today providing surfers with nice roll. Trolling oceanside yielded nothing for boats with those trips. Too much swell and it is due to rise in the next 24 until the storm passes.



Nearshore (which we were) we did much today on an extended trip (more on that ) and managed again to rack em’ up, and put them in the box! Even on the pretty days we have lucked out on the bluefish run. Numbers in the box, doubles and singles on the poles, and great action for the anglers aboard. Today was right up there with our last few trips as the sun came up and the bite turned on!



Limits for our crew with still time on the clock put us in a change of venue to see what we could get on the bottom drift. That is light tackle, spinning gear, and it is all up to the angler. A nice option when conditions permit and there is a great number in the box! This time of year it changes quickly. Off the bat we hit some nice croaker (strawberry perch) as well as calico. Still with some blues mixed in my crew was on a good enough hook up we extended the trip! If we are out fishing , and have no second trip and the bite is good, you can extend the trip with us. The time is pro-rated.


Not to be outdone we saw and released some small black bass as well as putting a nice drum in the box! After that is was like watching five guys twitch…they were looking for the next one!


Before you knew it, time was up, plenty for the table and time to head for the barn. It was a pile on the dock! You know some good points were brought up today. “What is the average catch?” Don’t be fooled just because we have been fortunate lately! Fishing is fishing and the fish can zip their lip and be said and done both gulfstream or nearshore (yes you can get skunked!). I was beyond happy today as we were on it. We are almost to end of October and weather is still warm (75F) and sunny/windy. Ocean wise we will let you know as soon as it calms and someone catches something out there but meantime, we are backside and were catching today! Good Bye Gonzalo!

Thanks to those who have fished us

For those coming in-this is the latest and yes it can always slow down or/and change!

Viv McPherson