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Half Days/All Days & In Between!

Our schedule shows us on shift for the next 15 days or so with a few slots open. Let me give you the start of the “fish wrapper” with more photos and stories to follow!

P7200264 P7220284

Half Days last week saw action on Spanish Macks, some blues, with that shifting back and forth due to the wind direction. We still are able to hook some drum here and there and those big fish move and go when they want.

P7220281P7220283 P7220286 P7220287

Our eyes sweep the ocean every day we are there looking for that opportunity to hook a bull red. My groups have been alot of fun (I have had stellar folks all along the way) and be they young, sage, regular or new customer I think it gave us a great chance to see what , when, and where!

P7200267 P7200269

I have run all day trips for the jacks, the big troll, and then some! The beauty of having time and distance on a day with good conditions means your opportunity may increase. Travis and his crew have fished around and fished me as well.

P7200265 P7200271

This was go or go home so we went, we took the chance and we had the hook ups! Amberjack have been on tap for over a month (which means they now may exit and be a hard bite to get) but we still put out the spinners and went to work .Releasing pulls just as hard as keeping boys and girls!


What don’t you see? I have a “po po” stick, a stanley tape measure, and a T square piece screwed to my box lid. If it doesn’t make the cut, it is released back. There have been days when the jacks were release only so this may be the status as we exit on that fish. Sport when there, enjoy, then back it goes! That is why they are picked up with a net. And no, you do not have to keep any fish at all! If you just want to catch and release I can do that seven days a week. No worries!

I have more photos and reports coming so if you do not see your crew here, it is coming!!! I am out again tomorrow and all week long.

Today on half day was blues mainly as the water chilled off the Spanish. All Day trip fare was different so for that best to speak with us prior to booking!  Do not jump aboard and think you have it figured out! Just ask! That is what we are there fore! For those wanting triggers-not seeing them at all yet. We have been looking.

Thanks to those aboard.

Viv McPherson