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Heads Up-Bookings are Moving

Calls are beginning, bookings are being taken and the calendar has started. I already have some mornings in a row that are now unavailable so if you know when you are coming and want to go, best to be on the books. If you see photos on here from your family trip in my blog, it is time to download them for your personal memories now. We will be updating and erasing some of the slate!

I have inquiries for prices so give us a call at our home! I apologize to the nice folks who called me prior to having to leave this morning as they never got a quote on the six hour trip ….sigh. I am dusting the cobwebs!

We run half days , 3/4 trips which are six hours, and all day trips. We fish miles off the beach as well as all the way to the sound depending on time of year, weather, and where the fish are moving. Mother nature rules!

Changes have come for us and it is all good! We have a week of some SW winds next week and we all know Blues, spanish, and cobia move into place in the late push of May on this end! We drift, bottom fish, troll, cast etc. All depends on what may be running, conditions, and how much time we have

I am looking forward to everything coming our way and as always so appreciate the customers we have been in touch with. Thank you to those on the books and to those thinking; just call and the info is free! If you get our voicemail, just leave a message and we will call you right back!

Viv McPherson