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The Highlights & Lowdown this past week! Byte Me!

Anyone who knows me knows I carry my sense of humor with me as often as possible! Welcome to summer, the vacation you were snowed in for. We are glad to see ya! Here is the lowdown on what went on the last week or so.


Sunshine and a variety of methods used as the last coldfront shook our fish up. There was no crew left that didn’t get a humbling at first on trying to keep a quick bite going. That turned into a very good fish pick after only a day or two which started laying numbers on the docks again!


Never let it be said we don’t see some interesting fish! Ribbonfish can be some of the most prehistoric looking fish you may see! Yes, we definitely let them go but just zoom in on the teeth, eyes and structure of the fish and it screams ancient! I have had some of the best anglers ( nicest and sharp!)from near and far and they have all been ready to hit the water.  Some of them actually taught school here, moved on to great things and STILL managed to come on back and catch some for dinner!


The brotherly love goes a long way as each fish comes in the boat!


Hat on, sunglasses up, and getting ready to grill! Take only what you need, leave what you don’t, and be happy when the dolphin show hits!


You love when everyone has a chance to catch some, enjoy the trip, relax (remember to relax guys-its vaca!) and “talk amongst themselves.” (she said ala Mike Meyers)


Fishing is as much about being together as being out there seeing it all.  You can try to predict what is going to hook up everyday but the truth is it’s like a snowflake most of the time. It is still fishing, but it is different every day, the conditions change, the fish change, and THAT is what keeps every fisherman completely tied to it!


When you are done cranking, you can cruise, sleep, or get back up and grab ahold of some more!


Or…if you are Trish…and after everyone has already played rock, paper, scissors , to see who gets on the pole for the first big fish…


the fish bites on your pole instead…while everyone else is completely asleep…lol Trish, you are forever welcome! Your enthusiasm is exactly what is great and…I believe they should bottle it…Red Bull would fail!


The Lowdown is we went from a scattered bite to good numbers on macks and  a scattered blue on half day. The last forty eight I have had some shots on fat alberts which make the line zing but this time of year I am not looking for a school on that fish-more luck to it as they are a Fall fish for us normally. I have also been nailed by a nice shark (no , not keeping) and drum. Know that the drum we catch oceanside (which is a bonus, not an everyday thing) can be large and therefore are RELEASE (do not confuse them with the small drum the kayakers are catching right now in the sound). Nothing makes a grown man cry like telling him “I am sorry sir, your fish is TOO BIG to keep” like a bad stewardess. lol.

All Day trips and three quarter trips needed the weather to get the distance and change some of the species you could have access to (ie triggerifsh, amberjack etc.  deep drop is an all day trip scheduled with captain pls. not with the marina for tiles etc ).

Someone called and booked this week and brought up an interesting point-the heat they see in the forecast. FIRST, don’t panic on the temps! I have no idea why folks don’t think we have a breeze here in the afternoons! The Wright Brothers flew here for a reason…seriously…second: if you would like to go and all our mornings are booked, pick the day you would like and lets try a captains trip we schedule called “third trip.” It is a late afternoon trip and runs as the sun falls from the sky late afternoon. You can only schedule this through us so give us a call, pick your day and lets hook it up! It is really quite tranquil that time of day!

Thanks and we have more reports coming in!

Viv McPherson

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