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Hold My Purse-Part II

I am running every day right now. Quickly here are the openings and then read on for fishing information/catches.

Thurs & Friday: pm trip only

Saturday: am/pm, 3/4 trip or all day nearshore slot. Up to you. Call us personally if booking 3/4 trip or all day nearshore so we can see what you are looking for. We have been everywhere lately and yep, we have to make choices!

P6300079 P6300080We ran last week with half days as well as all days and although we saw to slow lulls the action didn’t take long to pick back up!


We saw blues, spanish , some popeye albacore, an occasionally the first atlantic gar running about. Always keeps it interesting! The nature show continues with rays, dolphins (mammal kind) as well as occasional sea turtle. You can’t be jaded folks. C’mon. The minute you do not appreciate it it is time to hang up the hat and sunblock and go home ;).We had also seen occasional mahi on the line as well but talk to us as you are not necessarily in half day range .

P7020091 P7020088 P7020087 P7020092

We still have found the pull on our all days even though those could be numbered as we get farther into summer as far as jacks go. It has been great with great anglers all learning the how and why and plenty of releases now in play as the size warrants. You know it is successful when the angler signals he is “good” and does not need another crank!

P7010083 P7010085

Just do not forget we all come aboard for something. Sometimes it is first time out, second time out, with family, without and just with friends, big fish, smaller fish delish and on the menu; it is all what you make it and what is running!

When they are something you have never seen or caught sometimes just an oddity, even better!

We are still fishing everyday and know that we have had a breeze out there that you do not see on land. Hence, when I got into the dock-wow!  lol. We have been scheduled for half days, all days, bottom backside, tide line troll and bail-if you need to speak with us please do. Don’t go in with “info” that may not be pertinent to what is going on now! That is why we have a phone!

If you are here, and already scheduled for half a day and the gap is there you can change to 3/4 to go farther. Just speak to us the day of the trip. Just remember you have to have conditions and the time to go if you did not schedule that prior!

Thanks to all aboard

ps.-next two weeks are stacking up so best to narrow what days.

Viv McPherson