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“Hold My Purse” Part I

7/3/16 We have a coldfront that dropped right on top of us without the weathermen predicting! None of us were happy as they updated the forecast AFTER we all hit the dock. More on that at the end of our report. Here was last week (last of June week part one)!

P6300074 P6300075

Macks still on tack along with some blues in green clear water was the score as we made our way through some of the week. Regulars with family and grandparents alike enjoyed the sun and water on their various vacations.

P6280050 P6280055 P6280053 P6280051

We have many folks reaching out to us and once we can respond to the emails and calls we do our best to be right on the same page!


I have plenty of help in the cockpit and it is always appreciated and honestly; folks like to know if there is any science whatsoever!It is what you make of each day as each day is different and has its own set of conditions, weather etc.

P6290063 P6290062

I want you to know that on one of my all day trips as we kept exchanging rods for what was on the bite, I literally was passing an empty rod to one of our customers.

P6290069 P6290065Catch a fish, drop the leader , pass the rod, toss another one out…the equivalent of “hold my purse so I can do this!” lolĀ  ps. thank you.



Dolphin have occasionally shown up and most of it is on all day territory. One day great-next day changed. We had a weed line close but with this wind , let us wait and see. Don’t book just on the pics-ask and know you have been told to!Amberjack are big releases with just a few keepers so light tackle and a jig is in order!

I have another set of photos being edited to be posted! I am still on schedule so if there is a day you must have, best to hook it up now! Winds are still NE at this writing and the ocean shot up in the pm . Lay down and reorganizing to follow! Thank you to those who have given us nice words in the media as we work hard to make it all go in sync.

Viv McPherson