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What is on the horizon? Rollers

Okay here is the skinny;

that ripple you see on the horizon as you look out with your toes in the sand are waves.  THAT is why you see folks looking at them like a great painting. Seas continue on NE winds today which means Nearshore will be seeing the shoal side/backside for a bit. Gulfstream boats were still in transit to move back to their docks for those that evacuated. As of today 9/6/16 shud be all back and waiting to go.  We are scheduled again tomorrow on out for trips so as we see it I will post it.

If you are thinking of trying to get into the ocean to fish do NOT book me  without speaking to us personally for the next few days. Ocean is due to lay down but speak with the crew so we can accommodate everyone. I took a look Monday and it is due to lay down but predicting it is harder lol.

Hence , roller guys. They will eventually disappear . You are not floating around in one of those intertubes where you toss it over the waves to jump through.

This is the heads up I promised as soon as the storm exited and we were able to get out and look around. Like most storms it was a shake up and this is as current as I can make it.

Quite a few of us are on schedule tomorrow so as we see and catch it we will let you know!

Thank you to those who are coming in and standing by.

V McPherson