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A Howler for All

It doesn’t matter where you are or where you are coming from; the weather this fall has been a howler.

IMG_1851 IMG_1852

Add the super moon on top of it all and you have higher tides, lots of fishermen, and storms in the mix! These tides have risen above what we normally see.  From the annual rodeo on pretty weekends to the roll on NE breezes, boats have been trying it. There were tons of small ones hanging around every post and piling prior to the cool down. Small meaning no keep. They have swished. A few have been landed in the 18 inch range for keeping just do not think big numbers  or flocks of birds.


Last Thanksgiving saw a few stripers and then you would hit a slot where it should have worked and did not. SE rain this morning giving way to SE 22 mph by lunchtime wrapped it for us. We all have the rain gear and cabins in our class & we do our best to up our odds this time of year. Just remember it is fishing!


I am on schedule next week as well as into the Holiday season. I am geared to go both ways ocean or sound depending on what is what. To those we missed we hope to see you on the flip ! Fall can be like that! Come Thanksgiving your slot is up to you; we know what we fishermen prefer but we will fish what you choose as the lines go in either way! Good luck, safe travels, as we see it we will post it.

V McPherson