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In A Hundred Years…A Dragon

I miss summer! I still have my eyes towards Spring but it all depends on the warm up. There are plenty of Drum (think nice ones) south of us now to be caught and released. They make their way each year to taunt the anglers and give them a fight worthy of every spinner I have. We have Drum this time of year no doubt. Best thing that ever happened is they kept a slot limit here and at this particular size are free to be released and roam.


In Asia they have Koi. Their legend is rumored to say that a group of Koi in a golden school attempted to leap to the height of a waterfall from down stream. The Gods mocked them, heightened the waterfall to taunt them. Eventually, they did reach the height and were rewarded by transforming into a dragon. Legends are so.  Stretched or not, good things can take time and effort.

We never stop working even though you may be home preparing the tree and the cookies, celebrating various holidays into the new year! Mechanical, interior, tackle, paperwork (sigh yep, we all have it folks) and making a list as to what comes next. I have a few things coming up for our crews. Stay tuned as we tune up!

V McPherson