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Hunting & Hooking

Glad to be back on the hunt and glad to be hooking it! The Weekend Fish Rodeo rolled through and we snuck in behind the gauntlet to return to work! I have photos coming up. If you are here now lets go! It is gorgeous, sunny, and best way to have that information is to book directly with us. If there is something you are interested in then who better to get on the same page with then the crew? That way if we don’t have those conditions you are aware. You can wake up and go but know we are working with alot of different things so why not settle it the night before if possible. Do not assume anything especially if you are new to this area fishing wise!

Thanks to Brandon for calling directly, understanding it all, and putting his fam on board! Glad you got em! We appreciate it and safe travels to work today (boo).

You have another light coldfront going to drop…and yes Leslie is on the opposing side of Bermuda so we are watching it all. Annoying? Yes! Stopping us from fishing? Nope.

V McPherson
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