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Inshore/Nearshore/All the Bites!

Every year I like to give a chance to update newer customers why not put your feet aboard, relax, enjoy the shade, the facilities, and still be able to fish inshore, nearshore, and the coast! There was a skit with Amy Poelher with Seth Meyers where they would  broach a story and Amy would respond; “Really.” I can’t help it. In my head I am sitting there listening to what folks think we don’t have or do because maybe they have been misinformed lol.  Lets rock it ok? Here we go!

If you want a Nearshore half day am or pm trip you can speak with us (especially if you want to do something specific or variations. Showing up the day of and asking may or may not have the conditions if it is specific). Just want to book an outing for the group? Want to do it online? Just go to the marina site, ask for the Sinbad  when you book, and book what works for your vacation! Your vacation and your time!

Inshore 4 people or less give us a call! Of course we take those! We have been here for 30 plus years and honestly, all boats used to be classified that way (inshore) so let us hook you up on that trip! That is booked through our home 252 423 0039 cell. If you go through the marina you can be placed elsewhere and we would like the chance to take you period.

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Nearshore Half Days-we run alot of these! Inside/outside /up and down the shoreline! Can book it online or with us. Weather is Whether!


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All Day Nearshore: Most of the time folks are either wanting to be on the water all day or looking for something in particular. We do that. If there is something your trying to target-book through us so we know. The marina cannot do that. We take contact info etc to try to accommodate it all! The better the conditions the better the chances. Just want to be out all day no matter what? Perfect-lets go!


3/4 trip (6 hours) & Third Trip option (4-7pm) are custom trips but that does NOT mean expensive. They are custom due to the timeframe being outside the normal 4 hour trip. Only offered through us (marina, no) and just call us if that is what you want. 252 423 0039.      SO …you see, we run inshore, nearshore, all day nearshore half days. Welcome aboard-don’t cut yourself short on comfort, shade, facilities-we strive our best to provide that.

Thank you! We are on schedule tomorrow-for openings this week best to call us direct.

Viv McPherson