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Inside & Out; That is Fall

We have fished it all this week and as the winds went around the clock it was evident the tackle got the workout!

P9120611 P9130622

Earlier we had come off of Hermine as well as a Northeaster that pushed the ocean up and placed us in the blues, trout, smaller bottom fare, release flounder.

P9130629 P9130627

I had great crews who were really familiar with the surf and had no problem hitting the bottom to get it done. We have many surf fishermen this time of year and we love em!

P9130626 P9130621 P9130623 P9130615 P9130620

Light tackle/ugly stick and it was all about the angler. As skies cleared, the seas calmed it was a pick pick to put them in the box. Bite here, bite there, screaming line running off were all in the mix! Fish although scattered far and wide soon pulled it together to pop on the bite.

P9120612 P9120613

The false albacores have begun to make their move. Lots of numbers on these fish the last 48 hours as hooks got a monster workout. Taylor blues and Spanish also were on tap the last 48hrs as all fish were feeding in the same bait.

P9140630 P9140631

All Day sent you still looking for the very last of the Greater Amberjack (hey guys..it is September) as well as Spanish, Albacore, blues etc. Amberjack were definitely in one district and are moving on. Schools of flying fish were still seen as were barracuda but once again this front now will be a shake up and put us back to a clean slate-meaning all that is old /known is new again.

P9150632 P9150633

Towards the end  of our Half Days , we  began to get the calls landside from up the beach that the wind of this front had arrived. Pancake ocean turned to a slow swell and then  a whitecap.

P9150634 P9150635 P9150637

At Four pm it was a solid wind with most of us smiling we had got another round in.  Great great groups!

We have a solid schedule next week so if you are coming in best call us directly so we can try to accommodate you ! We are on a Northeaster again today (Sat). If there is a fish you are interested in best to call this time of year before you book.

Thank you for those coming in and those already scheduled with us. We appreciate it!

V McPherson