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So..Jeff Goldblum stayed this week

I have just about run every type of trip these past sixteen days. I want to thank everyone whether the fishing was easy or difficult (yep, it can be and we work harder and harder when it is) no matter where you hail from.


Sunny skies for most of the time and showers North and South of us but mostly not on top of us kept us untied. New clients and the well acquainted it didn’t matter; we were there to go to work and enjoy!

IMG_1378 IMG_1376 IMG_1375

Spanish hit the bottom and blues began to emerge en force this week as SW winds breezed along. Most of the time the temps you had on land were NOT what we had oceanside as our anglers continued to enjoy the breeze and shade or shelter of our cabin!

IMG_1379 IMG_1418 IMG_1417

That is a great benefit truly. The point was to get out there, enjoy the dolphin show, see if you could see a sea turtle or two, a sunfish, a fish jumping..it is a show. Why would you not take advantage of what the office cannot provide? This is the biggest live screen you can get. It even has “smell-o-vison” lol.

IMG_1425 IMG_1465 IMG_1427 IMG_1424

We saw some yearling action (that is a size class of drum-not really yearling just means they are fast and in the 33 inch class) on the Red Drum and remember they are release only but boy are they our bonus! We also got into the Bull Reds later on at the 45lb class. I have fished them for years with some great partners who have now long gone. Those days I miss for sure. The drum can pop up and down so timing and luck comes into play as well when there is lots of traffic. I can’t help but think of all the characters Jeff Goldblum has played that rationale he always gives in each film as to why…things become chaotic still rings…we are maniacs with a casting pole (every guy out there kid you not and I can say that because I was here( 34 yrs ago) when it was not as busy traffic wise lol) “At first it isĀ  the running and the pointing then the yelling then it all becomes chaos!” lol.

IMG_1456 IMG_1457 IMG_1392 IMG_1386

All Day Nearshore still saw release jacks. I say release because the size has put them in that category as of late and most of my clients at this point are looking for that on spinner when possible.

IMG_1459 IMG_1380

I have many who have grown with us and get better each year on technique, etc. It is amazing to see. I have many who have never done it before and it is great to see their first hook up.


As we wind into in summer that fish will go on migration so know that we have already been on them since June and you are a month in. Means soon they will vamoose for the most part.

I have another round of reports to come.


Monday 11th-am

Tues: third trip only

Wed 13th pm trip only

beyond that call soon.

BTW: week of August 18th is almost gone.


Also note this time frame in August please if that is one you are choosing.

Aug 1st -pm only available

Aug 2-pm only available

Aug 3& 4th open

5-8 we have nothing open.

thank you to those fishing us right now!

You can book right through us with Visa/Mastr. We are on schedule for tomorrow.

Viv McPherson