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June jogged & July flies Round One!

Round one of catching up on our reports so hang on and here we go! Our SW winds continue to dominate which pushes water temps up and down.

P1020282 P1020281

We are covering tons of territory staying on what swims with a fin in many districts.

P1020262 P1020261 P1020260

We have been on all day trips, half day trips, sound, ocean, up and down the coast.

P1020279 P1020280 P1020278


When one species doesn’t bite we switch tactics and just keep moving. It is still fishing and that is how it has always been.




Coming out of June we see flat, calm, breezy , swell etc.

P1020274 P1020275 P1020271 P1020270

Easier bluefishing and mack fishing has given way to some dedication to put the dinner in the box no matter what the venue. That means sometimes no easy way to go and that is when we put our heads down. Fish get hot, cold, full, skittish etc.

P1020267 P1020268 P1020269


I have had my spinning gear down, my trolling and live bait out, my casting jigs dipped-you name it! It is all seeing the water as it depends on what, where, when , and how long a trip we have. So as you read the report know that sometimes speaking and scheduling with us personally we can at least communicate well and that way we can try to be on the same page rather than just showing up! This is the first wave of photos as there is another half to go!

If there is something you are interested in do not book prior to speaking to us first! We try very hard. If you leave a cell make sure you can be reached as we do call and if you miss the call you may miss an opportunity ( I am waiting on a call as we speak)

Lots of boats means some of the larger pelagics are seeing alot of jigs. Sooner or later we will get our feelings hurt a bit I am sure. Even on our longer runs which have been successful the traffic is great!

Thanks to all who have and continue to actively book us!

I have Friday pm trip open right now and Saturday at present.

Beyond that please call

Viv McPherson