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The Running Wrapper 7/5 -bites/openings

It will be midweek before I can catch up on the photos! We are fishing every day right now so let me catch you up on the catching.


Water temps continue to vary day to day which means one day may have warm water and one day may not. Fish this time of year are temperature sensitive so that is a key for us on top of wind conditions. Troll, backside on bottom, short runs, long runs; this has been the norm since two weeks ago. Stabilization would be a welcome thing!


Last twenty- four hours saw blues on tap yesterday on half day runs as temps along the beaches jumped back down again. We will see if it changes today. Larger pelagic on all day are seeing lots of traffic (sooner or later you will get your feelings hurt) and occasionally there is still a small cobia to be seen along the beach.

Openings this week if talking about next four days (till Thursday)

Tues, Wednesday; Third trip only. Booked through captain only

Thursday(7/9) ; pm trip right now.

We have many trips for many budgets. We have answered alot of questions. If you are interested in a particular fish (I say this all year) do not book until you have spoken to us as that may take conditions and time.  Sometimes things are lined up on half days so it is not an issue but this is not the gulfstream so it fluctuates!Thanks!

Viv McPherson