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“Just Swell…” updates

I have pics coming but know that crews today saw a push up on swell with no wind helping it along. What looks great from the O.I. Bridge was several feet high. It has remained our opinion as with many fisherman; there is some type of weather wave out there that may not be on the radar in forecasts pushing the height up.



No wind should be no swell and it is not giving up and inch lately. Gulfstream lined up late to choose their way out as a haze and early light showed them the curl.


Nearshore etc were backside and inner shoals today with some blues & bottom fare on the list. I have pics coming  and my crews have been flexible and great! Whether the seas will fall out oceanside any time soon is a wake up and see issue.  We are all surprised so we are not predicting anything right now.

HEADS UP:  we are all watching what may be Mathew in the Atlantic for late next week . As we form opinions and strategies you will be the first to know. Thanks to those keeping me untied right now as we are drifting and trolling right along.

V McPherson