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Knights & Other Fish Tales!

There was nobody like Mike Knight but Audrey was always the quiet boss! lol.

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Three generations again aboard (I say it alot so good on ya) as well as some new crews we really enjoyed meeting! Last week we fished around the last of the storms and kept right on putting them in the rod holders.

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My clients kept us untied and as NE winds died out we once again were in the spanish, blues, and sighting a hit or miss cobia (more on that). You don’t have to be shy-we have the breeze most of the time, we troll, we cast , N, S, E, W ; we seem to run the compass on our trips. It isn’t a menu but our anglers know that we do our best to keep it on a roll and flex.

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I have had alot of half days of late which gave us alot of room to watch cousins, brothers, aunts and uncles, moms and dad’s come aboard. Different states, different groups, different backgrounds is really what has spoiled me to stay on the boat. People.

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People are interesting, they have a story, they have a sense of humor and hopefully they see we try to make them at home! Less you forget we also were on the hunt today on our



All Day (can sometimes do it on 3/4 trips as well)we harnessed and the poles got bent like we like to see them! Cobia;they have already been caught up in the Bay (Va) according to some of my clients so know that it is a fish here or there in transit as well.  Got to look and be lucky! I have more reports coming up-sorry for the delay! If you want to reach us just give us a call at home or on the cell and we will try to hook it up!

Thanks! If your pics are not here they are coming soon!

Viv McPherson