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Knots to Untie-Wednesday’s Wash

I had great customers yesterday who like ourselves, have been watching the weather to see which end is up.



Today ushered in another coastal storm which has us personally tied to the dock. Yesterday was all about taking advantage of what is moving.


Blues and some spanish remained on the bite and anglers wanting to be on the water got their wish! We skirted any rain yesterday until the very end to put our gear to work.



You could have bottom fished throughout the shoals or put your spinner up top on the move. All depended on what you were keeping and targeting. ¬†Bottom fare ran from small calico, to occasional flounder. I saw my flounder shy of keeper mark but as we get into fall let us see if they don’t bump up again. We see many of the same folk this time of year and they usually are set to go no matter what day of the week it is! At the end of the day we were glad to retie, unload, and know today is going to be a sleep day lol.



As the sun re-emerges this week if you would like to go just give us a call. Temps are forecasted to go back to 80F by end of weekend. If it is ocean you want you really need to call us before just scheduling. We won’t be seeing that for a while due to seas being up . Best to schedule your trips this time of year through us personally as opposed to the marina. Then we can flex with the weather! As we catch it, we will post it!


Viv McPherson