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The Labor of Labor Week

Nothing was made easy after Hermine. As I posted, it did take a while for the water to settle, the swell to die down, and the fish to organize. Muddied water still lays on the shoals but we managed to get some good water in a few areas and went quickly to work on what was popping!

P9080598 P9080602

Few fish changed to  a few more fish changed to Albacores and dinner plates. My anglers came from far and near to take advantage of the post Labor Day rates in their cottages, sunny skies, and ocean breezes. Never let it be said that we do not put the full distance in our trips or effort no matter what is on tap.

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We ran various types of rigs both bottom and troll and it is evident the Fall runs are trying to pull together a bit. Young and sage, first timers and old timers all made my week extremely easy people wise.

image P9080600

I truly thank you as we do NOT like having to be tied to the dock and not on the water. Birds don’t like it landside 24/7 and we do not either!

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We have a coldfront due Sunday night into Monday and I think it could be just what we need if it will completely clear the territory. We are near our cell if you need us or are booking into the next weeks. We look forward to continuing into the Fall!

Thanks to all who emailed during the storm. Let us hope that is it for the year.

V McPherson

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