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The last bite, the wait, the return

Today Jaoquin passes between the Banks and Bermuda (hang on Bermuda) as crews sit tapping their feet. We don’t dismiss this storm at all as we  have experienced storms in the past which veer in the last hour and change course.



There were whispers prior to the new track of Isabel, Irene, Betsy; and some (not complete) sighs of relief as the front and low pressure system picked up the track. There were boats fishing when I left which was fine but we took the safest track for us and fished our last trip that week in order to haul out.

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I promised the boys a shout out and here it is! I want to thank my crew who were here for a wedding, got on board, and took a rod in their hand! Rain gear on, rain gear off!

P1020648 P1020652


We were in double digits on the bottom fare with just a few blues on troll . It was a good way to wrap it up! Thank you so much boys and I hope to see the rest of the family next time around-you can catch them up! We shuttled out of O.I. at first light and lifted up and out right away.

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Presently, most vessels are tucked away and crews have taken advantage to clean the bottoms, check wheels, etc. Perfect timing. The whines of the lifts will begin again soon and once back at the marina we will post it. The ocean continues large boys and girls so do not look for that any time soon. Our hopes are that are friends down the Bahamas have had no more than a salt down. Thanks to those still calling.  I have plans to be back marina side soon.

Viv McPherson