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The Latest Today – 8/16 Bytes

Quick update:
HALF DAYS: snapper blues with a showing of just a few nice macks early on. Later the macks gave way to predominant blues with alot of releases on the Spanish due to size. Albies continue to pop in pods and honestly , you wanted to dive in and grab one as they were putting their noses in the air on casting and trolling. Lots of hurt feelings as we say in our business on trying to load up on that. Luck had alot to do with an albie today.


ALL DAYS: macks, some moons, albies. There is no short run on this sorry. As I warned earlier that particular group of fish has moved out of half day range! There have been a few bailers on the dock as well but that is a different animal as well so if you are trying to schedule all day best to call us directly!

You will notice I did not site out 3/4 trip as that bite is much the same as half day right now.
**We are watching the tropics. If we think anything will start to roll, we will post it but for now, man the ocean has been great so don’t miss it!

We are open Friday pm slot into the weekend. It is due to be pretty overall and if you don’t like the chance of rain then don’t book as it is summer and we see that sometimes!

thank you to those aboard right now as I have bee on the big roll!

Viv McPherson