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The Laydown & Lowdown/Open It!


Mon.  am/ pm slot.    if you are here all week, know that if the ocean is shook bad it may leave you fishing in the sound for a bite as sometimes fishing is great post storm and sometimes it is shook up & needs a day or two along the beaches to get a bite. Goes either way.


Tues & Wed:  pm slots open  . I will open the third trip option if the fishing gets heavy; beyond that,call us directly at 252 423 0039. If you are trying for an all day nearshore slot please book directly with us so we can see what you may be interested in. Half days-let er  rip! Beyond that check the schedule. Friday has been reopened.

Laydown from our NE wind is in process as seas are now 3.2 feet. The ocean color shows we got shook which means boats tomorrow may be on a search and destroy mission to see what is what. Gulfstream boats went yesterday which is always the case as they fish 35miles off and we are in the Surfline coastwise. Think the difference of wave height we all fish in.

Water temps are 75F+/- which is good! Cheers and let us get untied and back to work. Dockside is not the place to be once things get right!

V McPherson