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LDW, Our Hiatus Over- The Compass Points North

1st-Back untied again for the final Holiday Weekend of Summer! We have come off of being tied up and are back on schedule from our own labor-life happens and then you just put your nose to the grindstone to deal with what is going on and how to remedy it! My bookings are into October right now so if you have contacted us, keep up and when coming in let us get on schedule so we can get the best weather for your trip! If you book through us-you set.

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Seas have been great the last 72hrs with some spanish up and down the beaches and occasional albacore but the compass points North this weekend. If we don’t get alot of wind we will be oceanside. Should the wind breeze up hard it puts you backside on the sound. Soundside would be on the bottom with light tackle so that is your heads up!

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I finished off with great groups on my last round so lets get to it! I would be nowhere without the phone calls, emails, and hook ups! You could feel the last pangs of summertime as schools threw open windows and the students flew through the openings for another year.

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Fall is also the time when the fish begin to move, feed, and get ready to turn around. We love that time. The later in the year we move , the more we have to be on our toes!

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There have been ribbons, some dolphin on a longer trip, false albacore, spanish, and the last of the moon fish! Shot on kings has disappeared which is normal but look to Fall for more of that as they also will turn around.

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I was fortunate enough not to see a slow down on catches but it can happen and know it is still fishing! I want to thank all my anglers who fished us, had to shift, know you got the great weather and that is key as we go into September! Do not equate rain with bad always. lol Fish don’t know it is raining but wind is a huge factor on what district you can fish! Todd, I am still laughing at our limit, tagged/bagged etc . Next year I will give you the story!

**Release: I have many people that ask; “Do we have to keep fish?”

NO. You are hiring my guiding ability and we can take digital of all of it if you wish. Some days fishing works , some days not so much.

I do not have to put it on the dock, I can also keep only what you use-take a picture on the boat. I personally consider it beautiful just to be out there but to each his own.

Thanks to all

Glad to be on track for the Fall

Here comes the weekend and some wind!

Viv McPherson