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Leopard Prints & Stripes; Today’s Update

No boats in the ocean today folks! Tuna fishermen turned on their heels first thing as swell rolled in. Have to see about tomorrow for that venue.


For us Nearshore/Inshore: excellent trip backside again today. Release rock and some  speckled trout on the back end of the trip made for a great all day! I have folks who want to get out and we are very happy to have them all. If you are here and want to go, we would love to take you. Please know that our rock season is release only right now so do not think it is a size issue; it is not. It is a season issue and when it opens we will let you know!


Thanks to those aboard and as for the upcoming week we just need to settle in and see! But for today, excellent run!

V. McPherson

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