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In Line & Bermuda in the Cat Eye 10/12

As you can see from the picture we are in line, polishing, touching up,  inspecting, and waiting to go back in. There is a line of boats. We are due today 10/12/16  to run back to the marina.



I have cancelled all my trips this week waiting to hear how far out the dirty water has pushed and how or what is left on the backside. I WANT to go folks but I want those stats a bit stacked also. Forecast tomorrow is windy so we felt for us this was the correct procedure.

Bermuda gets their turn today as Hurricane Nicole is due to pass & strike that area as a Cat 4. This is far stronger than expected. We hope our tropical neighbors are as ready as they can be. As we get back to the marina and really get a feel for water conditions and fishing I will post it immediately. Please remember that roads West of here have some areas still closed as the Neuse recedes and other tributaries fill. Ocracoke is still expected to have some flooding even today as that water rushes down .


If you are here and we arrive dockside and want an outing- call us at home (thanks Scott) and we will see where it all lands. Boat will continue to arrive marina side today as well.

V McPherson. 252 423 0039 boat cell phone.