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Lines off, Lines in & SHIFT GEARS

I do alot of that this time of year depending on the type of trips I am running!

**Heads up: Hurricane Mathew(Carribean) has slowed & has no solid course yet. I have shifted my first trip of several for next week. If you are here now and want to fish the backside just give us a call for tomorrow directly at 252 423 0039 cell/boat. Seas were up oceanside again today so here we go with the latest on the backside.


First light is later and later as we creep into October. Earlier in the week gave us just a brief shot trolling outside the sound before the swell closed in and the Spanish and blues zipped their lips.

P9280648 P9280646

Boats ran the beaches searching for quicker numbers but the best remained around the inlet no matter how many hours you were out there.

P9280645 P9280647

See that smiling guy right there???? Miner. He told me those waves didn’t scare him and I believe him. Where he worked was far tougher for him for years and years and he was just happy to be with us. They were also nice enough to invite us to dinner…omgosh…how could you not just want them to be your neighbor????thank you btw. Fat alberts were a no show since the last hurricane. Swell with no wind continues and we are just showing up for the trip and seeing what has graced us each day until NOAA has something more to say. I am trying not to sound….but it is not working..lol

P9300660 P9300661

Last few trips have seen my anglers backside on the last of the blues to start then hitting the bottom for a shot on flounder, trout, mullet, whiting etc.

PA010669 PA010665

We have worked hard to put it in the box but once you get going it is angler on an ugly stick light tackle. All I do is cut bait and re-bait. Angler hook your own! Some are released (even an oyster toad has a mom I am sure), the stories and challenges fly ; “why do pigfish not taste like bacon” and I so appreciate each group that is there through thick and thin.

PA010667 PA010670

Believe me; we fished, dogded then ran back to fish again today lol. It can be alot of work but we enjoy it and we know the annual clock has started to run down. Sooner than we like we will be on the sofa, making rigs, wondering when Spring will arrive. It is always like that. I have some folks arriving early and later and have been in contact with those affected first should the weather start to not cooperate. As I know it you will see it. If you want to go right now then we are open tomorrow so just call us via cell as that is the sure way to speak with us directly. I would continue to look for shoals and backside due to sea conditions. Thanks to those aboard!

V McPherson