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Lir, Mazu, Neptune & Heavens above..Last Bytes are coming

This is the next to last round of photos and I will explain shortly! No matter what culture or beliefs you access know that this fantastic summer we have had is opening its hand to be paid the price.

P8170456 P8170455

My regulars be they ninety-three years young or three have been aboard keeping me up on my feet and pretty happy to get up in the mornings.

P8180460 P8180459P8210487 P8210491 P8210497

Did I mention lots of coffee in that?!! Half days saw our albacores, spanish, blues, bullets, all the coastal troll.

P8230509 P8230511 P8230508 P8230515

Backside I had two great groups who put me up on my feet for croaker,blues,  flounder, mullet (citations), and even a “speck” that got in our eye! Never let it be said that you cannot work the territory when it gets rough. You most certainly can.

P8240526 P8240529 P8240528

The trip is about showing the ocean, going fishing, and trying to do our best according to what is given and possible (PS float me that Icelandic guide when you have a chance-our son is verrrry interested and I would love the info)!

P8210502 P8210504

I have also had the pleasure of groups seeking the last few pulls on the jacks, cores, and occasional dolphin that made a showing prior to the breeze up. It can be a learning curve and my customers rose to the challenge brilliantly with smiles on their faces (thank you).

P8250540 P8250543 P8250545

*****Do not book for what has been. Read the following. You have been warned so no pouting. Pick a Norse god, fate, heavens above, here it is:

Now the wicked news: TS#8 is approaching which means wind, possible rain bands. TS#9 is on the watch for the coming week. This is the ugly payback for nonstop fishing and two weather days all summer long. We are not available today or tomorrow although yesterday saw just a scattered blue & mack. As the weather approaches I will post an FYI on my media. I am also watching for my regulars who are on the books right now.

I want to thank those booking into September and October right now as I am ready to work, ready to fish, ready to go! Last Fall was very good and if the water stays warm we are sharpening our hooks and making sure our release nets work! I don’t care if it is a weekend or weekday-we run 7 days a week. Lets get out there while it is good fishing so when it stops we can call it a season.

More pics coming! Thank you and if you are not here; just wait!

V McPherson