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Little Coffee with that ?

Lots of coffee as our bodies get used to being back on shift again. Heads up & here we go; Ocean  is fine . Sound as well and we fished both today.



Today on half day we shifted quite a bit. The volume of water moving back into the ocean is a bit of coffee .  We saw it stretch from inshore  up and down the beaches out miles. Quite the shaker.



I had excellent crew who knew we got shook up and we changed venue three times on half day. Troll , to bottom, to troll on nearshore. Blues and Macks were shook so along the beaches you pushed to see double digits. Backside gave us smaller fare with also two release flounder and two gray trout in the mix. I changed back to troll again only seeing a sign of the blues we had prior. As the waters clear it should settle in a bit and so will the fishing.

If you had 3/4 or all day you will be pushing off the beaches to the deeper water in attempts to check on the jacks etc.

As we catch more I will let you know it. Thank you to those already on the books and those coming in as the seas are fine.

V McPherson