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The Man of Steel

I could NOT believe I missed such a kind compliment. Somewhere out there is a person (from Steel Country) who took the time to stop by the dock, speak with Will, and pay me a compliment on some of the eye candy I place here. I remember the steel workers we used to take in the “old days.” Know that I so appreciated what you said. I actually had a class that I was taking ( I know shocker…the old dog so to speak) and my instructor would not have given me a pass had I not sat in the seat.


Thank you. Truly. I think it is easy for me to sit in my recliner and type away on the random thoughts. People think it must be a chore but it isn’t. For me, folks are sitting at my table across from me. Poor you! Such an ear bender! You should see the book that I have in my head. I need a ghost writer…or a lottery ticket…no wait; a WINNING lottery ticket. ;)

Winter is still pushing around the edges but temperatures continue to be in that sweet spot leaving us along the beaches on good days for blues etc. Backside saw some trout action earlier but we are not available this weekend so good luck to those coming in! I still guard some memories of a warmer place and a nice view; wonder if my hiking boots can travel this year? Maybe a pack and my GoPro/Cannon..wishing. lol

Change has turned the weathervane. When the new information is given to us, I will be passing it along so we are all in the same loop. In the meantime if you are here, enjoy the beach, the temps, and the weekend get away!

Thank you to those who have kept us untied

V McPherson
Cpt Will McPherson 252 423 0039 cell/boat