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The March towards Memorial Weekend

I would be nowhere without the support through generations of my regulars.  That being said the reason you have generations also is the fact we welcome new faces as well!


My drive to work normally includes coffee, a view, and a quarter of an hour drive to let the rest of me catch up.

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Light as well standard tackle got the salt treatment the last week.  Blues have been on the move and not always where we predicted! Landon made no effort not to head for the poles (we noticed we are slowing as adults lo)! In truth, that is half the formula; get aboard and make some memories for future jaunts, trips, experiences.

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Pretty weather, the dolphin show (yes two for one on a tour) kept us moving.  From Birmingham to locally, everyone was ready for summer, the ocean, and R&R!

P1020040 P1020037 P1020038

There is nothing like hearing the line and the drag pull as the fish continue to feed. I saw more smiles as we try to open up all our options.  Bottom fishing has also been a venue but with some mixed results.

P1020044 P1020042

The farther we get into summer, the more consistent we can become on flounder, mullet, trout, and other species. No matter how you hooked it, I was grateful to have my crews pulling us forward.

We have a coldfront due tomorrow which again shakes it up. If you are here and want to place some fishing in your schedule just give us a  call directly at 252 423 0039 cell/boat. If you continue to book through the marina just ask for the Sinbad (request).

I have a general info page coming soon to hopefully answer the most frequent questions!

**as you saw from the “closure” we have run no tilefish trips. Best to wait for a re-open on that fish as you are limited to one fish per boat.

*three days of small boats as well as charter pounded cobias on Hatteras shoals to the point some actually refused to bite. Look to a move up on those fish but as ususal, the sooner you are down there, the higher the chance prior to becoming gun shy.


Thanks to our crews!

See you on the flip!

Viv McPherson