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May Days-the latest Fish Wrapper

As promised I wanted to get to the task of informing you what is what! Spring is here with warm weather, sunshine, a few showers, and bites on the line. I had a great crew aboard which only made the afternoon hours fly by. It ceases to be work when it is like that!



Black sea bass does not open North of Hatteras until May 15th but we still tried our hand at drifting around and seeing what was what! Release bass until then on this end.There was alot of good natured ribbing and no one really needed my help once we got into a rythm.  Remember that bridge construction has closed a small area along the bridge so that one section of territory is out.



Along the beaches we snared a good catch of blues (double digits) a sure sign that migration is trying to begin in earnest!


First cobias are South of Hatteras (very few think Ocracoke) and there is still some cold water even down there so that run is a ways off. If you are here we are open both trips tomorrow so just give us a call at 252 423 0039 cell. ┬áIgnore the “blackout ” on the online form as the marina just insures that you either call us or them on short notice to place a credit card hold for deposit.

Thanks to all!

Viv McPherson