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It’s All About Mike…

Aaaaargghhhh. Ok, I have photos coming up but before we get to far into anything know that the window is quickly closing for fishing! Hurricane Michael will hit FLORIDA panhandle but the remains of that rain and wind should reach here Thursday in terms of a blow out for the boats. The seas continue up with some chop and swell and it has been non stop since Leslie exited East of Bermuda.

By Friday a strong,traditional,Fall,” Thar she blows” coldfront is set to pick up what is left of the storm and quickly move it off. Great temps, sunshine, no rain to follow but know that it is going to be gusty and chances are as we race to finish fishing prior to Thursday, that will wrap us up until it calms down again!

For everyone changing right now and calling thank you! For those we will miss we are sorry that we even had to have this conversation AGAIN! Beyond that welcome to what really will be October!

V McPherson
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