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Moving Up & Out Of the Water

We are in good company today as marinas are clearing vessels out as both private and working boats are seeking safe harbor or up and out of the water. Lines stretched down the road and down the creeks as crews waited their turn to be lifted out.

We fished our last trip this morning (another good one) and then took our lines to make our way to wait to be hauled. I have cancelled my drive in anglers and am fielding the first calls for next week.


Let the storm pass before we can comment about next week but naturally if conditions can clear and we are able to get back at it then we are going right back out there.  Be glad to have you! We will need good water and decent temps to start. As we know it we will let you know.

I will post our last fishing reports tomorrow. Thank you so much to my anglers who got on very quickly in the last 48hrs. Good both trips today.  If we were still at the marina I might try it tomorrow but space is limited for hauling-and most marinas are trying to secure their own belongings.


For those here; radio 104.1 (rock), 105.7 (country), Dare co Emergency Management, The Outerbanks Voice online as well.  Your realty companies as well down the road.

Stay up to date as the projected path is Saturday into Sunday right now in this region of our country. It all can change either way so take the responsibility for yourselves as no one can do that for you.

V McPherson