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Near, Far, from Top to Bottom~It’s What We Do

The most common question; “where all do you fish?” If you only knew! Still unclear? Let me give you the round up and fill you in.


It’s summertime! Yes I know. The Polar Vortex is approaching but for us it’s suits, sunshine, and breezes!


We fish the bottom oceanside and soundside depending on the bites.  ”Getting a Mullet” takes on a new meaning!


You have seen the fare on ultralight. All Day had seen some triggs but I like just getting up, checking in with our folks and untied lines.


The more you try to work with the elements and traffic that might exist there the better off you might be!


Half Day action post Arthur put us on the fish earlier with mainly blues on tap and just a slight shot on Spanish. I have loved every Northern Family I have had (Michigan, NY, NJ etc).


They have been ready to be out of the cold-on the water and with a few cleaned up ready for the grill!


I have had young and old aboard and “old” looks younger every year I take a breath. lol And who the heck can argue with enthusiasm?


Perhaps we need to take a note of how seeing it through different eyes makes for a “get the environment” in check. We get the dolphin show, the turtles, the sunrises etc.


We want to catch as bad as anyone so take in the whole experience, make sure you contact us here or by phone and lets hook it up if possible! Half Days on troll did become tougher with waiting on conditions, water temps, etc.


However that being said, many groups were ready to take what they needed or capitalize on what was popping up if possible!

P1010078 P1010088

Red Drum (25-50 lb class) continue to hit us in the blind and sometimes when lucky we do manage to get some casts in! Remember, release only as this slot is a larger slot than you may keep!

P1010084 P1010076

No pouting, crying, boo hooing, its been written in stone for years and as a mate/captain that actually was working  years ago when we could keep this class of fish~I have no problem throwing them back.  People release marlin every day!


Welcome to sportfishing! We have been releasing this fish for a bit time wise and it is always fortunate when you can see the school, show your folks, and hook it up!  All Day trips have done a few things here recently~ on pretty days you can schedule a deep drop with us (not through the marina) or we have opted on amberjack and big game troll as well.

P1010071 P1010051

I have my regulars who fish me every year for this and this year was no different! Thank you ERIN for the family t-shirts from your Vaca! We love them!  Never let it be said this is not a family experience! Prior to coldfronts and low pressure systems we were on a great all day trip with plenty of action!

P1010059 P1010064

Early morning troll for blues and spanish also led to more amberjack, drum run around -busy all day! I tell them EVERY YEAR some day we are going to get a spanking but thankfully, we have managed to pull that horseshoe out !

P1010052 P1010062

Before they get spooked amberjack provide a great battle, you can release or keep one per person, your choice.

P1010060 P1010070

I know these boys are bringing little sis on half day next year to get her ready! BEFORE YOU PANIC~i was trying to take a foto of everyone and I was still missing a few family members but know that at least sis got to jump in for the foto! (that is why there is seven people pictured)

I am on schedule next week with openings. Hey, I got Sunday open so if you are here, schedule it tonight, lets wake up and hit it! Thanks to all and if there is something you are interested in -ask!!! We have fished the bay, the ocean, far, and coastwise. Species and Weather is Whether! Thanks guys! For videos from our customers-hit the Facebook site and see “posts by others”

Viv McPherson