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New Tilefish Reg-Know B4 U drop!

I wanted to update my all day trip clients on one aspect that has drastically changed this year regarding tilefish. We normally catch what is known as Blueline Tiles here in the Carolinas. Great fun and as I have been warning-everything can change and I had spoken of closure on this particular fish. (keep reading)


As of March 30, 2015 -they had closed tilefish for the South Atlantic (NC. SC, Ga, Fla). This season will re open on

May 1, 2015.

the new limit is slated to be

One Tilefish PER VESSEL per day NOT per angler per trip.

The old limit which was generous per person, has been replaced with this. Tilefish season, if you can say that, will run from May till August. This is the latest law implemented under Snapper Grouper (see Amendment 32).

Please do not book for a deep drop for the purpose of tilefish until there is a re-establishment of the old limits. That being said, tilefish was just the main target on deep drop(deep drop was very specific overall on that fish) and I will be posting the information on what , when , and where soon so that folks have an idea of what runs throughout the year and how much time it make take to get a chance to catch it .

This does not affect All Day Nearshore trips for other species (cobia, drum, amberjack, blues, spanish, etc)Just wanted to keep everyone on the same page before the deep drop inquiries began. If it changes in the future I will post and cite what has been officially posted for Marine FIsheries.

Thanks! And yes, all my gear is ready as we have a full season ahead with active bookings !

Viv McPherson