(252) 473-2398

Next 72 hrs : OPENINGS

Mon & Tues: PM or 3/4 trip afternoon. Call 252 423-0039 cell to schedule as the marina will not schedule a 3/4 trip that slot.


Good fishing today so thank you to my own crew who was on the dock ready to roll! Macks and albies in sunshine and some showers kept us hopping! This is a bit of a run and know that if this particular bunch of fish moves-you will need a 3/4 to reach them or an all day. You are notified!

If you are schedule with a half day and we are not booked for the pm and you want to stay we would be glad to run the extended 3/4 option time permitting! If you are booked pm slot and want to extend we can do that once aboard.
Beyond that particular area, It would put you in new territory for half days which is about the same we had last year honestly.
For now, we are on it!

V McPherson