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North, East, South, West-Living the Compass Rose

You can’t fish without it. You will see every direction, every sea condition, every squall, every day where the humidity is hotter than what you exhale.


Then the very next year you will see what you have never seen before. If I can quote many an author and news person ; “and so it goes.” This has been one of the most weather /wind diverse summers I can remember in a few years.

P1010243 P1010245

This weeks temps are more reminiscent of true Fall and I am wondering if the thermocline was trying to tell us this long ago. Divers had mentioned the variations over and over.  Let us get to the heart of the reports! All boats have fished the backside and oceanside this week depending on type of trip and weather conditions.

P1010248 P1010246 P1010244

Young and old strapped their light tackle skills on to hit the bottom for the calico,  spot,croaker, trout, flounder, bottom fishing backside run. The numbers had been beyond excellent and if there was some  quick bites needed this was it! lol


My anglers were keeping count, betting on smallest, biggest, most, most doubles-you name it. I am on my third generation of anglers and  we do our best with weather to accommodate.

P1010251 P1010254 P1010253

As we got into work week with remaining swell still present from Bertha (ikr? ) we remained on a trout bite that got my anglers, myself, and even my captain on the rod! Please check the sheet because Gray Trout and Speckle have different restrictions on size and number.

P1010216 P1010259 P1010260

The trolling trips and live bait  trips finally began their pickup shortly after as the weather began to right itself with traditionally calmer and hotter temps.


Offshore(All Day Nearshore)  Friday & Saturday (When you have the weather)  got you back on some jacks. Remember , if they are smaller they are released and if that is the size for the day, that is the order-released. Most hit a deepwater troll afterwards with hit or miss results.

P1010267 P1010268 P1010266

Nearshore got you the troll on the rips (it is that time of year when you can get conditions pulled together for a 3/4 trip)and look to hook maybe a shark, I saw two small mahi-etc. You could go miles on the line and not see a thing so it was very scattered.  Half Day Coastwise for blues and macks there was a pick up early yesterday and then late yesterday!


The fish are on the move and they are feasting and fasting during the 24hrs.


We have had some great family trips where the groups are booking a few boats together but it all makes for fun on the docks as we dump it all down, and take the foto! (above is a two boat trip).

P1010283 P1010278 P1010277

We have also been catching just a few alberts in the mix. I must admit they peel, they fly, they are the best simulation of a tuna we got lol. Sometimes they bite, sometimes not, but if I didn’t know better, I would think it was September already!

P1010279 P1010281

AS OF TODAY THIS MORNING 8/10 the winds went back up after only a brief window since Friday. Some boats on half day this morning, left the ocean after first light for the backside (we are unavailable today as we were scrambling to get our trips in before today’s breeze up). The weather forecasts again…AGAIN conflict as of today which means marine says windy and “Weather Channel” says not. Therefore, until we see it, no predictions on long term. It has been like this all summer overall and although most of the time we are fortunate, we have not been seeing huge blocks of flat weather like we normally do so “on our toes” has been the order.

As we catch it we will post it.

Vivian McPherson