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North Easter Greeter-Memorial Bytes!



I could hear it before I even got out of my bed this morning! Living amongst the trees is like that. If some of my chimes are ringing as well it can tell me from which direction the wind blows. Different chimes, different breezes, different sea conditions! Let me catch you all up on the catching up!P1000885

Weather has been great with temperatures in the 70′s and 80′s! It all depends on which way we have the wind. This season started out with good runs of fish all the way around. Recently on half day on this end we have been on the blues or bottom fishing. Cobia (a shot at, no guarantees ) had been on all day trips down towards Hatteras way. One big push so far. Doesn’t preclude seeing one if lucky.So don’t spaz-lets see what comes next.

Prior to today we have been working the ocean on the troll. Sunshine, my regular customers, new customers-it’s all good!


I absolutely LOVE the Deans! They have fished us for at least ten years now and we have seen alot. Kevin has always been that…”special” kind of funny and no, this time he did not miss a chance to foto bomb his dad ;-) P1000891

They are some of the most positive people I know and no matter what-be it blues, bass, cobia,dolphin (Mahi) or the like they are always on the rod and ready to go! It wouldn’t be Spring without them! We kept on the move this weekend right into today with a breeze up on a light coldfront that dropped through. Winds today were NE when I got out of bed and to the boat.


I had another great group down for just a friend’s weekend prior to a wedding (even the groomsmen need a break ladies) and they could not have been nicer! We left with coolers and jackets in tow for the troll. Sun up brought us the bites even in the current! Doubles, singles when we got it just right gave my anglers plenty for dinner be it grilled whole, or filleted, or beer battered!


Sean WAS up initially but soon found out why we have pillows, benches, and new cushions inside! If only we could have had a washable marker for a mustache….opportunity…missed! :-0! We were also glad to see a first Spanish of the season come across in the mix.





The warmer the better!  To my crews: thank you so much! If you are here, call us directly ! Talk to us about what we are seeing so we can best accommodate you. If you are booking through the marina, ask /request us by name “Sinbad”









Monday looks a little calmer (it was not rough where we fished but farther in the ocean was a no go for us)but if Sunday is your preference, we are here to go fishing-lets go!

thank you

Viv McPherson


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