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October’s Fins and Feathers

Lets catch up from last week into today!  This is the time of year couples enjoy, hunters begin to show, and surf casters/fishermen abound!  Last week we stayed true to form with NE winds blowing in, then settling down, then again breezing in, and now settling down to SW. Sunshine folks. Perfect time to put your feet in the sand.


It is all on tap this week.  There are still a few puppy drum in the surfline. Congrats Garrett!


One day you catch them and the next hardly at all beach wise.  We are still on the move and untied. Bachelor party on board we rocked and rolled to put some on the floor and headed to the bbq!


Four poles out, four poles on, mix sizes, and limits.  Garrett helped me clean.   As Tony reiterated; “I have sat all day just watching a bobber and this is as fast as it gets!” My cousin (that big lug) would go anywhere fishing. They really were fun and ya know…I take the big “kids” too . We remained on private charter until Sunday.


Today we again opened for public hire and were right back to work. Seas are still dropping and again we saw some blues, backside calico, throwback flounder with still some troll around oceanside. Ok, we have openings Wednesday and Thursday. Just give us a call as opposed to email as we are actively booking. Looks like another front coming -I know…but it is FALL!

Thank you to those who are keeping us fishing. We don’t take that for granted.

NB* if there is a species you are interested in give us a shout prior to booking  so we can best accommodate you.

Viv McPherson