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One Fish two fish…Erie & Beyond

As promised boys and girls, lets roll! I have hit the bottom, trolled, live baited, casted; all my tackle has been used and abused on various levels of late.

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If I am tardy here it is only because my crews are calling, booking, and keeping us untied. Thank YOU!

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I have folks who want dinner, some who don’t care they just want to fish, some that are targeting;if you are booking directly it allows me some input I may not get otherwise. Yep, it is still fishing and there we all agree that nature rules!

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Most of the time they trust us to go fishin’ and get going which I appreciate. Half Days-All Days-3/4 trips-we do them all. We are starting to see some Fall like weather approaching.

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Temps this year have been sunny and seas calm for the most part. Spanish have had a great year this way with bonita( false albacore here),moonfish, blues, atlantic gar in the mix as well as shots on drum on half days. Shift, shift..shift…lol.

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Can we guarantee it all on half, all day, or 3/4? Uh….no but when it pops we move in high gear! When it doesn’t, we work that much harder. I was lucky enough to have occasional professionals(fishermen-think Pa/Erie area) also in the mix and we compare notes, days that are phenom-as well as horror stories where fishing can go wrong (rare but doozies).

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It is part of what we do and most folks who kayak, boat, jog, hike, enjoy nature just love it anyways. What the heck is not to like?????

We have been lucky this year on the bite with alot of hard work involved. The surprises on the line always an “ahaaaa” moment and the smiles contagious. Not pictured here yet? It is on the way!

If you are here we know you have coldwater along the beaches. A hard cold front is coming. Think late this weekend by Monday. We shall see.

8/18/16 : quick update today. Blues on tap, one or two alberts on half days. Macks were beyond far today as far as numbers were concerned. Amberjack were sought on all day trips and that was a tough bite overall. I have tomorrow and this weekend open. Think Morning trips or 3/4 while the weather is good.

V McPherson