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One Fish Two Fish..Redfish…& Divorcing the Weatherman

Remember how I said that it was the Weatherman and not you? It really WAS ! He was hot, cold, and as bad as the song implies! I was more than disgusted as we constantly get forecasts where the wind predictions are “light and variable winds bla bla blah.


” Sunshine is always a norm for summer but this summer we have been on top of all of it!


We did better off by watching the jet stream-understanding the wind gradient and flexing , flexing, flexing!


Typhoon Neoguri left us with every weather condition but that didn’t stop us from fishing every day.



Sunshine on tap, breezes on tap, and yes whether we wanted it or not we did have a day with some squalls.


One did finally chase us home but don’t tell my boys~ they were all about Posiden lol. As we continued on it was blues leading off to some more breeze ups but when you have to shift territory, you just shift technique.

P1010125 P1010126

As I said  before; we troll, cast, live bait, bottom fish and keep on the move. You can’t let weather put you dockside if there are the bites to be had!

P1010133 P1010136 P1010128

We hit the bottom as well as troll for our groups who were on the road and out of the cottage.


Trout, mullet, croakers, blues, calico, perch, live bait were all on tap. True some of the whiter meats for eating have always been on the bottom both deep drop 30 miles off  all day booked through us (think black bass and tilefish) as well as nearshore on half day (for the above species).

P1010144 P1010138

There have been some hilarious moments along the way in terms of our clients. Listen, we have fun. If you have to bring “intensity” then well…you should be standing around my crews ;-)!  This trip I was Stewie’s mom for sure..And yes yes…there is always that one guy that starts the game off and sets the pace.


We target many species throughout the year~ all depends on what is what that day but don’t forget we got a phone-info-and are available to talk. So you can reach us ahead of time as well!

P1010147 P1010148

We try to line it all up! As the week progressed we didn’t miss one day and we were fishing right up until a few hours ago today!


The NE winds finally laid out, the ocean has calmed, the current has let up and whether you were trolling along the beach (few Spanish), on the backside( bottom fishing), off the coast for the jacks (all day trip guys-scheduled through us please)


or deepwater drops on all day trips-welcome back sunshine and summer temps! We are booked tomorrow with the afternoon open. Beyond that please call as we do have some second and third trip options this week! Thank you to all our crews-throughout all the weather and fishing conditions. Seven days a week is how we love it!

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call us to schedule if there is a particular fish you are super interested in. We are great at speaking for ourselves!