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One Fish Two Fish

A big Mathew Mcconaughey “alright alright alright.” That is really all one word lol. Stellar conditions these past two days gave way to the perfect Sunny Tuesday with good seas, limits of blues, and some spanish on tap! The Heckert crew have fished us in the past and returned again to put their toes in the sand and the lines in the Atlantic. Fall can be a challenge as you get a bit of time oceanside then have to run the rest of the time backside due to winds.
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They went away with plenty to put in the smoker and on the table. Blues and the last of the spanish continue to migrate and specks are still in the surf (yesterday, reports from Nags Head).One circle after another put the lid open and the fish over the boards.
My hats off to Cpt Will…oh yeah…I had to laugh as I was obligated somewhere else yesterday (yep life happens and momma needs a new pair of shoes so I am multi-tasking) and he got a brief stint in my shoes. SOMEONE came home ready for Brunswick Stew but very happy our clients roll with it all. Folks want to have a good time, see nature, catch a few, and being able to do that in any capacity is a privilege. I have always told folks that he really doesn’t need me but it was nice to be missed! And yes yes…I know I am your ray of sunshine as I tell you not to backlash the power pro (she said rolling her eyes with humor) but hey, that is how we bond! Thank you Heckerts! So appreciate you always giving us the chance to go!
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That was the window that nature left for us and today puts us right back to North winds moving the flags! If you are here that will put you backside on choppy days and oceanside when it lays down. Surfers are still sneaking out in great water temps for October so enjoy the beach, the eateries, and see you on the flip!

V McPherson
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