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Online- today from the Cockpit

Here we go! Last forty-eight saw good blues action be it in the sound or in the ocean (both districts).



Sunny skies finally dominate our shoreline after quite a long stretch. We also saw an albacore or two but NO main body on that fish yet. My anglers booked this a long time ago and just happened to hit the sweet spot today! Siblings and In Laws alike all got aboard for the most, the biggest, and the smallest lol.

P1020667 P1020665


They made my day so incredibly easy and we were happy to be back at what we love. Waters have dropped dramatically since the Hurricane. 80F has gone to 69F so things are on the move.

We do have a wind shift to the NW, then breezy  NE  and back down again. We are fishing it all and that is what Fall is-the weathervane.

I have Wednesday afternoon open (call as the marina may make it look like we are booked for the afternoon, we are not. )That is all that is open now for the next 48 hrs.  Water conditions were the same for miles and there was bait stretched as well. Anglers have put their lines in from the beaches, to the piers, to the boats.

Welcome Back period folks! Let us keep untied. be it backwater or ocean. That is why we troll as well as carry the light tackle.

Viv McPherson

**if there is a species you are interested in please ask prior to booking.  We will do our best to get you there on time of year and bite. We are actively booking into 2016 right now so if you have your vacation plans-make the boat plans.