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Open slot-A Thank you to my Regulars

Third trip-NOT available for Mon-Wed. Other slots open as of today for this week August 7th week.

SW is the forecast. We run 1/2 days, 3/4 trips, and all days for 1-6 anglers.   If you are here give us a call personally at 252 423 0039 cell. Book post five o’clock with no lines/no waiting when booking directly. If there is a species you are interested in always ask prior to booking to make sure it is even around! That is the benefit of speaking with the crew. I am out again tomorrow so catch you on the rip!


To my regulars who have been referring  some great customers; a big THANK YOU as they have been a lot of fun! I feel like we have a great start with more to come in the future. A “Past Time” for Passing time.

V McPherson


252 423 0039 cell Will McPherson