(252) 473-2398

Openings & What is closing fast


7/13 Wed. Pm trip

7/14 Thurs Pm trip

Friday & Sat. Open. I have booked a lot of 3/4 trips and some all days. For those call us directly at 252 423 0039.

Sunday pm trip as we already have a 3/4 in the am. If you want 3/4 in the pm please call us directly .

Week of July 18th is almost gone. I have

7/20 pm trip

7/22 pm trip.

I will run third trip availability that week if need a particular day.

weekends-call please as those are terrific when weather is good. Drive in and drive out.

I have had a few folks get surprised which I don’t like so ┬ámy calendar is up for view (always all year) but this should help a bit.

Thank you to all the folks who have returned or jumped aboard for their first trips with us; we have enjoyed it all!

Viv McPherson & Will McPherson

Sinbadsportfishing 252 423 0039